Winning at Patient Payments
As patients continue to shoulder more of their healthcare costs, healthcare organizations face new revenue cycle challenges  with patient payments, who are often harder to collect from than insurance payers. With patient responsibility only increasing, winning requires a proactive environment achieved by new workflows and technology.
New automated patient payment workflows create a win-win for staff and patients.
Before service

During the appointment scheduling call, collect or verify:

  • a) Full name
  • b) Email address
  • c) Current Insurance Provider and Member ID
Set expectations with the patient regarding your financial policy and highlight anything necessary to bring to appointment (ex: ID, insurance card, credit/debit card, bank information)
Verify insurance eligibility, ideally using a service versus manual verification
At the time of service
Confirm benefits
Create estimate, ideally using an automated tool, and present patient with their estimated responsibility
Collect any co-pay, deposit, balance, unmet deductibles and/or coinsurance owed
Utilize a secure credit-card-on-file tool to store patient’s debit/credit card information and authorize a charge up to the estimated amount (to be collected after adjudication without any necessary action from the patient)
After service once payer remittance is received
Send eStatement 

Collect remaining patient balance using:

  • a)  Previously stored credit-card-on-file, charging remaining payment (up to agreed upon amount) either in a one-time charge or automated, recurring payment plan
  • b)  Online bill payment
The result is a win-win:
The proactive approach improves patient payments and provides patients with cost of care transparency and convenient payment options.
Let us show you how Navicure® Payments™ can help create a win-win for your organization—and improve financial health with increased patient revenue. Request a guided tour today.
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