In football, it is said the best defense is a good offense. Without a proactive strategy, a team can repeatedly fall short of the end zone, and lack of planning can keep them from getting the W. Similarly, healthcare organizations can underperform if they don’t have a forward-thinking mindset. When it comes to the healthcare revenue cycle, for example, the best way to defend against the ever-changing reimbursement landscape is to have proactive billing and front-desk operations.

Unfortunately, many providers are not able to consistently score revenue cycle touchdowns. Many organizations have high staff turnover in the front desk and billing department positions, resulting in inconsistent performance. They can also miss opportunities to optimize workflow and struggle to fully reach their revenue potential.

As part of the MGMA “4 P's of Revenue Cycle Management Roundtable,” held in December 2016, revenue cycle executives and business office managers from leading healthcare organizations discussed tactics for improving billing and front-desk performance. These conversations focused on four key areas—people, processes, payments and products. This e-book will explore the 4 P’s, offering strategies for ensuring that billing and front-desk operations function smoothly and successfully.