Patient Payment Check-Up™

3X3 Insights from our 2017 Survey

In January 2017, Navicure® commissioned HIMSS Analytics to conduct a national survey of 1,000 patients and more than 500 providers, to pinpoint differing perceptions of:


who bill for healthcare


who are taking on more responsibility for a larger portion of their healthcare bill
Here are highlights from the study, which focused on three key areas:
Providing patient cost estimates can boost customer satisfaction as healthcare consumerism continues to mature.
Patient demand for estimates is growing.
75% of providers can give patients a cost estimate.
Yet less than 25% of patients request them.
But more than half of respondents say they will ask for one in the future.
Ambulatory providers are on top of their estimate game.
of ambulatory organizations
currently can provide an estimate.
of acute care facilities currently can.
Get in the ball-park.
The majority of patients are fine with an estimate being within 10% or more of the final cost.
OPPORTUNITY:  Improve patient satisfaction. Offer estimates.
Offering patients more convenient, electronic billing options can lead to less bad debt, more revenue and fewer days in A/R.
Everybody loves email.
Only 57% of providers think patients are okay providing their email address.
In reality, 79% of patients are willing to do so.
Say goodbye to snail mail.
Electronic bills, yes please.
More than half of patients surveyed prefer electronic bills over paper.
Yet 89% of providers still bill via mailed paper statements.
But I paid that on time. Wait,
which statement do you mean?
of providers say it takes patients over three months to pay in full.
But patients claim that it took them longer than 3 months to pay their last balance.

Multiple statements

cause cloudy understanding of what patients owe—and also cost providers thousands of dollars each year to print and mail.
OPPORTUNITY:  Electronic bill payment options save significant costs and eliminate confusion around billing.
Meet patients' payment preferences for convenience with credit card payment options. Bonus action: You’ll reduce A/R days, too. 
Keeping a credit card on file
(CCOF) is cool.
78% of patients would provide their debit or credit card to pay balances less than $200. 
Providers think CCOF is the best way to improve patient payments. They see CCOF as the best way to reduce:
The cost of collections
Patient A/R days
Bad debt / write-offs
Despite broad acceptance by providers and patients…
Today only 20% of providers offer CCOF.
OPPORTUNITY:  CCOF can reduce the cost of billing, signaling a win-win for patients and providers.
Today patient demand is ahead of current health system and practice adoption. That creates enormous opportunity for providers to deliver new transformative and convenient billing options. To learn more download the complete 2017 Patient Payment Check-Up report.
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