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Texas Retina Associates breaks free of spreadsheets improves reporting AND increases net collections by 4%

As a national leader in ophthalmology sub-specialty, staff at Texas Retina Associates were challenged by a series of manual KPI reports requiring 30+ hours per week and that incorporated outdated information. Leveraging Navicure® Perform™, the group is able to provide analytics that map to the revenue stream, offer intuitive reports and enable targeted staff training. With it, the organization was able to drive process improvements, conduct targeted training and increase net collections by 4% while reducing A/R days by 31% and denial rate by 60%.

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“By leveraging Perform data, I know exactly how staff needs to spend their time in order to protect our revenue stream.”
Bill Koch
Administrative Director
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Navicure® Perform
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Solving reimbursement bottlenecks is not a one-time activity. Changes in payer policies, annual coding changes, staff turnover, and other volatile factors mean that there are always challenges to overcome when maintaining a consistent and predictable cash flow. Navicure Perform lets organizations stay on top of the ever-changing revenue cycle landscape by providing ongoing actionable data that is updated nightly (rather than monthly as with many other solutions) and points staff to the specific issues impeding reimbursement. This lets organizations focus on which claims and payers need attention to make immediate improvements and to prevent the same problems from resurfacing in the future.
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