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Northampton Area Pediatrics decreases days in A/R by 15%

Northampton Area Pediatrics used a claims clearinghouse for many years, but missing payer connectivity to key regional insurance carriers created inefficiencies and revenue cycle delays. The practice switched to Navicure® to gain optimal functionality through increased payer connectivity and automated functionality such as ERA and claims management. Days in A/R have decreased by 15%, while increased payer connectivity and completely automated ERA have reduced manual work and optimized staff productivity.

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“Before we moved to Navicure, we didn’t really know we needed a new clearinghouse”
Donna Walaszek
Business Manager
Rock Star Tool:
Navicure® ClaimFlow
Collect more from payers, faster, with less cost and effort
Navicure ClaimFlow allows you to collect more from payers with less effort. The solution streamlines the entire claims process from claims submission to denial and appeal management. The easy-to-use dashboard enables organizations to manage eligibility, claims, remittance, rejections, denials and more from one single location. In addition, organizations can track claims through the entire process and easily identify rejections and denials that need to be addressed so to keep cash flowing and prevent these problems from happening in the future.
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