Patient Payments Is a High Priority:
Results from Healthcare Organizations Survey

In April 2016, Navicure commissioned Porter Research to conduct a national survey of healthcare organizations to gauge their current patient payment processes, challenges and technologies. Here’s a look at some of the key survey findings.

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Patient payments is important RCM challenge that must be addressed. 
Healthcare organizations recognize they cannot afford to ignore one of their top payers – the patient. The majority of respondents (63%) indicated leadership teams view patient billing and payments as a high priority and another 33 percent rated it as a medium priority.
Patient accountability is the primary patient payment challenge.
Collecting post-service after clain adjudication can be difficult as more and more time passes, often resulting in bad debt. To get paid, healthcare organizations need to make it easier for patients to pay by adopting patient- and staff-friendly technologies to adopt a more effective and automated collections process.
Healthcare organizations adopting patient care estimation. 
While organizations are working toward price transparency, there is still room for improvement. Almost half of participants (46%) “sometimes” estimate the patient’s responsibility prior to or at the time of service and another 12 percent “never” do.
Staff- and patient-friendly technologies can help but implementation is not prevalent. 
Healthcare organizations are missing opportunities to improve their financial health by not adopting newer best-practice technologies. Though these technologies have proven to boost patient payments, the minority of respondents are incorporating them into their patient payments strategy.
Automated technologies would be recommended to a friend/peer.
Best Practices.
The bottom line: As patients shoulder a larger portion of their care costs, they will become more involved in the financial aspects of their care.
It will be incumbent on healthcare organizations to provide patients with care estimates and make it easier for patients to pay with options like online bill pay, automated payment plans, and credit card on file.
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